Craps, an interesting casino game that is mainly based on luck and in order to play it, your mission is going to be to place wagers based on the outcome of a roll of the dices or sometimes based on a complete series of rolls. The game comes in many forms and variations and just like any popular casino game out there, you can also find many myths that were created around this game.

The online casino game of craps that you can find and play now at almost any online casino site out there, derives from the early forms of the game that were called Hazard and it dates back to the tome of the Crusades. The initial form of the game was British and it was influenced later on by the French and only after it was brought to United States it managed to get the form in which is being play at this moment.

The game of craps that you can generally find at the online casinos is going to be very fun and exciting. The game is highly popular as it’s a game of luck and there the house edge is very small, which leaves you with some pretty good chances of winning and ending up with more money at the end of your online gambling session. When you are playing the casino craps game, you will be playing against the house. You as a player will have to place the wagers on the craps table and based on the roll you will receive a payout.


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This means that one of the main missions that you have while playing craps is to get more familiar with the bets that are available. Some online casinos will have to make at least one pass line or don’t pass bet in order to be able to make other bets that are available on the craps table. Along with that there will be the come bets, don’t come bets, single-roll bets, multi-roll bets and player-bets.

Playing the craps can be a lot of fun. You just need to make sure that you first try out to play the game for free and after you think you have managed to earn a decent amount of experience, you could start playing the game for real money. One thing that you should definitely take into consideration and look for when you are gambling is that you always need to make sure that you know exactly the odds for the many different bets that are available on the table and make sure that you stick to the ones that can offer you the real opportunities.