Baccarat is a card game that arrived into the attention of international players and it’s not as popular as other card games like blackjack or poker. The game derives from a good variety of other European card games and this is a game that is based purely on luck. This means that there is very little you can do in order to improve your chances of winning and there is no wonder strategy or skills that you could have in order to become guaranteed a winner.

One of the main reasons why the game of baccarat is so popular right now is because the today’s online casino version has a very small house edge that is generally situated around 1.17% (banker hand bet) and 1.36% (player hand bet), which means that the game is very close to offer you even break chances of winning. This means that the game manages to have such a small house edge that can be considered to be comparable in size as the blackjack or video poker games, but there you will need to play the basic strategy in order to reach those house edges. But here at baccarat you don’t have to use any special strategies.


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The game of baccarat has always been promoted in movies as a game for the rich. This means that generally when there is a baccarat game in a Hollywood movie, there will be high rollers playing some considerable amounts of money for each hand. This is happening as Baccarat is a game that has always been able to amuse the millionaires and there were always high roller players related to this game.

Just like any other popular online casino game out there, when you are playing baccarat, you will have the opportunity to find many variations of the game. Generally these variations will hold the same rules of the game and the core concepts, but in order to make them even more fun there will be different side bets, or small twists in the game that is able to make a difference. Or sometimes, it could be only the fact that you could be playing a much larger number of hands.

Playing baccarat is extremely easy and this is yet another factor that contributes to the high popularity of the game. Your mission while playing the game is very simple and you basically need to set up the level of your bet and there are three different bets available: the player, the banker or a tie. Some variations of baccarat might also offer you the possibility to place a bet on the player pair or banker pair.

While you’re playing baccarat you must always make sure that you avoid the tie bets. Even if they pay a lot more than the other two bets available, you will have much lower chances of guessing that correctly and the house edge for the tie bet is close to 14%. Which is a lot, especially if you think about the fact that the other bets have a house edge that is close to ~1%.